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Experienced Dermatologist Beautician Near Me Improving Skin Around Lip

Taking care of your skin and protecting it from the harmful effects of our environment is essential year-round. So, here are some tips to improve skin health:

–         Get a check-up from a dermatologist – whether or not you have fair, sensitive skin, getting it checked by a specialist regularly is vital and the best way to prevent more serious skin problems such as skin cancer.  Finding one of the dermatologists near me will be helpful not to mention convenient.

–         The importance of cleansing and nourishing – a healthy skincare routine includes gentle skin cleansing followed by hydration and nourishing with the help of a good quality moisturizer. When choosing your products, it is imperative to pay attention not only to your skin type but also to your age and to select products that suit both;

–         The importance of sunscreen – exposure to the sun’s rays does have health benefits, but it is harsh on the skin. To enjoy the sunshine all year round without having to worry about skin health, always apply some SPF 30+ sunscreen to exposed areas before leaving the house – even in winter.

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