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sun exposure use dermatology approved sunscreen

Sunscreen products are essential for ensuring that the time we spend outside in the sun is safe. If you do a little online research to find the best product, you will come across articles about how many waterfront locations, such as Hawaii, have banned the use of sunscreens. This ban is because sunscreens may contribute to coral bleaching. There is also a possibility that sunscreens may be harmful to other living organisms. Chemicals in sunscreens might also accumulate in the human body after using them for only a couple of days.

Despite the approach that considers sunscreen products potentially unsafe, medical scientists and specialists still believe sunscreen products are completely safe, even when used for more extended periods. However, if you are still concerned about using the sunscreen products available over the counter, you have alternatives. Seeking shade and staying out of the sun is undoubtedly the best way to avoid the skin damage caused by solar rays. You can also choose to wear solar protective clothes, such as light shirts with long sleeves, trousers covering the legs, and wide-brimmed hats. You can also choose garments that come with UV protection – most major sports brands have such products. However, even you opt for these alternatives, you should still use sunscreen for your hands and face.  The best advice will come from a MOHS dermatology Parker CO practice within your neighborhood.

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