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Many people deal with the occasional acne breakout during adolescence, but for some people it doesn’t end there. Acne in adults is more common than you might think. Studies show that about 50% of the population over age 20 and 25% of those over age 30 struggle with hormonal acne.

Androgen hormones, which are found in both men and women, can significantly contribute to acne’s appearance in adults. In the case of hormonal acne, androgen levels are high, and they stimulate the sebaceous glands, which contribute to the worsening of the problem.

Creams and topical treatments are often inadequate to effectively treat hormonal acne, so it is best to consult a dermatologist at Elevated Dermatology, just search acne clinics near me to find us. Our dermatologists will prescribe the most effective treatments to combat your acne.

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