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Dermatologists main goal is the health of their patients’ skin, hair and nails, but many dermatologists including the dermatology clinic Parker CO has also specialize in cosmetic treatments aimed to improve their patient’s appearance. Here are some of the most common treatments in cosmetic dermatology:

  • Skin rejuvenation – dermatologists have many advanced methods to refresh the appearance of the skin by restoring its elasticity, thus stopping or even reversing the effects of time. Some of the most popular, minimally invasive treatments include dermal fillers, light therapy and laser treatments;
  • Hair removal – permanent hair reduction is another popular service provided by specialists in cosmetic dermatology. There are various methods available from dermatologists, the most efficient and most popular one being laser hair removal;
  • The removal of veins – vein treatment on the face or the legs is also a popular procedure;
  • Botox treatments – Botox injections are still among the most common and most treatments that people turn to cosmetic dermatologists for;
  • Body sculpting treatments – this popular procedure is performed with specialized machines that break down the fat cells in the treatment area using various technologies, such as the application of heat, cold, or suction.
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