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Do You Know Skin Cancer Treatments MOHS Surgeon Detection

Do You Know Skin Cancer Treatments MOHS Surgeon Detection


Myths and misunderstandings can be commonplace in our information-filled world, especially when it comes to a disease such as skin cancer. Here are a few common ones:

If I have a mole that looks “weird,” the dermatologist can remove it before it turns into skin cancer. FALSE!

Sometimes, this is true – precancerous lesions or atypical moles can be treated more easily when they are identified early. Other times, what people perceive as a wound that does not heal or a mole that has changed shape, size, or color may be nothing to worry about. The only way to tell is by seeing a Dermatologist for evaluation.

Skin cancer is always easy to detect and treat – FALSE!

Regular skin self-examination is critical and necessary. However, it is not always easy to notice specific changes in your own skin – some are subtle, and many areas of the skin are difficult to access for close examination. We recommend seeing a board certified dermatologist at least yearly or more often depending on your personal history. Also, skin cancer treatment for advanced cancers can be quite invasive in some situations, especially if the disease is not detected in time. It may include surgery and chemotherapy. Skin cancer can spread to other parts of the body.

Skin cancer surgeons have mostly elderly patients – FALSE!

Statistics show that melanoma is the most common form of cancer among young people between 25 and 29. In addition, women between the ages of 15 and 29 tend to be diagnosed more often than men in the same age range.  It’s best to look for the best MOHS surgeon near me for answers and treatments regarding this matter.

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