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Elevated Dermatologyy Acne Treatments Produces Results

It’s no secret that acne takes time to heal. Even with help from some of the best dermatology experts, you’ll find that getting your desired results can take several months or more. Even then, you might find yourself in a situation where you must schedule follow-up checkups with your dermatologist to tweak your treatment and account for unforeseen developments or side effects.


Severe cases of acne may be treated with a combination of topical creams and antibiotics. In most cases, you won’t notice much of a change until about six weeks pass after starting your treatment. If an antibiotic is included in your treatment plan, your dermatologist will likely prescribe it for about 3-4 months – or sometimes a little longer.


During this time, it’s essential to keep track of your progress and contact your dermatologist at if you notice that the treatment isn’t as effective as they told you or if you notice any side effects that might come up.

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