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Botox Treatments Near Me Certified Dermatologist

As anti-aging products and treatments keep getting better, some forms of therapy are becoming increasingly more available today. Getting Botox®, known primarily as botulinum toxin therapy, is something that many people consider when they are bothered by wrinkles and desire a smoother appearance to the face.


Other treatments such as dermal fillers, chemical peels, and laser resurfacing can also be effective for treating wrinkles.



What Is Botulinum Toxin Therapy?


Botulinum toxin therapy is one of the easiest treatments for getting rid of troublesome wrinkles quickly and effectively. It can also be used to treat conditions such as hyperhidrosis – which causes excessive sweating – as well as crow’s feet and frown lines.


The cosmetic procedure can be performed very quickly, and patients can get back to their work and day-to-day activities without experiencing adverse effects. In most cases, the results of the treatment will start to be visible in about 3-7 days, and they can last for as long as 4 months. Individual results can vary and some people may require more frequent treatments to maintain the desired results.


Insurance Coverage


Keep in mind that cosmetic procedures are not be covered by insurance. While coverage for hyperhidrosis could be provided, it’s best to contact your insurance company to find out exactly what your plan may or may not pay for treatment.


Considerations for Getting the Right Treatment


It’s important to note that the procedure, while fast and simple, still requires the utmost care as well as complex medical knowledge. The success of the treatment will depend on the skill of the dermatologist or physician assistant. That is why it’s essential to work only with a board-certified dermatologist or physician assistant.


Botox® is simply one brand name that is most well-known. Our office also uses Dysport®. It’s important to discuss the different options with a qualified medical professional to determine the best treatment.


For more information about botulinum toxin therapy, contact a local Botox near me Parker area certified dermatologist.

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