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Heart health and skin health are in a very close relationship, so much so that many cardiovascular problems produce dermatological issues a long time before causing any other symptoms. The color, the texture and the general appearance of the skin are strongly influenced by the condition of the small and large blood vessels in the body, by how efficiently the heart is pumping and how efficiently the limbs and the organs of the body are supplied with blood. Here are some skin affections that are actually caused by a problem related to the heart:

  • Blue or purple skin on toes or fingers – these discolorations can be caused by frostbite or an injury, but the most common cause is a blockage in the blood vessels or a heart that cannot pump blood to the body part that has turned blue or purple. Without proper, timely treatment, the affected tissue under the skin can get severely damaged or it can die;
  • A blue or purple, net-like pattern on arms or legs – this is also a sign of poor circulation and often indicates blocked arteries;
  • Yellow, waxy growths on the face – these growths are usually caused by the accumulation of cholesterol underneath the skin. Unhealthy cholesterol levels might indicate an already existing heart condition or they might pose the risk of developing a heart disease in the near future.  For skin health be sure to wonder over to
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