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elevated skin care cancer surgeons parker co

elevated skin care cancer surgeons parker co

Dermatologists can successfully treat skin cancers in the office by removing the cancerous lesion even in advanced stages. Here is how skin cancer surgeons treat their patients:

  • Diagnosis and development of the best treatment option – The process starts with diagnosing the cancerous lesion and identifying the type and the stage of cancer. When a skin cancer surgeon suspects that a lesion is cancerous, the doctor usually takes a tissue sample to be examined by a dermatopathologist. When the diagnosis is made, the doctor will discuss the treatment options available. In most cases, the cancerous lesion needs to be surgically removed, so the doctor will discuss the procedure options.
  • Performing the treatment – skin cancer surgeons Parker CO also perform the removal of the cancerous lesion.
  • Aftercare – if the patient needs further treatment in chemotherapy or radiation therapy, the skin cancer surgeon will refer the patient to an oncologist or collaborate with an oncologist during that aftercare period. The surgeon will also perform regular checks of the surgical area to ensure that the healing goes as it should and that the cancer has not recurred.
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