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sunblock dermatologist recommend protect human skin

Choosing a good sunblock can be very difficult. Here are some of the essential features that our dermatologist Castle Rock CO recommend:

  • SPF of 30 or greater – SPF (sun protection factor) tells you how well the product blocks harmful solar rays. Ideally, you should be using a product with an SPF of at least 30, but if you have sensitive skin or burn easily, you should look for a product with an SPF value of over 50;
  • Look for protection from UVA and UVB rays – both types of ultraviolet radiation can cause burns and cancer, so you need a broad-spectrum product that protects you from both types of rays;
  • Water-resistance – sunscreen products need to be reapplied regularly while you are outside. The exact intervals for reapplication will be stated on the packaging but generally every 40-80 minutes while swimming or sweating heavily is recommended



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