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What you need to know MOHS Surgery Parker CO


What is Mohs surgery?

Mohs surgery differs from other methods of treating skin cancer because it allows immediate and complete microscopic examination of excised tumor tissue so that all cancerous cells are removed. Due to the way the tissue is excised and examined, micrographic surgery has been recognized as the method of treating skin cancer with the highest cure rate.

What are the benefits of Mohs surgery?

Some skin tumors may be much larger than they appear, with extensions at a distance from the visible tumor. Their removal by conventional surgery is associated with the risk of leaving residual tumor cells that might cause recurrences.

Micrographic surgery has been specially designed to remove cancerous roots, detecting the direction of tumor development, thus saving healthy tissue.

What are the indications for Mohs surgery?

It is essential to know that this method is not suitable for the treatment of all skin tumors. MOHS dermatology Parker CO is intended for recurrent or high-risk skin cancers.  The classic indication is basal and squamous cell carcinomas located in areas where it is necessary to preserve the maximum healthy tissue for functional or cosmetic reasons (for example nose, ears, eyes, lips, hand, foot, genital area).

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