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Many people think that spring or summer are the best periods for a professional skin cancer check. However, most dermatologists agree that winter is more suited for those checks. The reason is straightforward: we tend to spend more time outside in spring and summer, which means our skin gets more exposed to the sun’s rays. As a result, the color of our skin usually changes, even for those of us who have fair skin, and that could be just enough to conceal potential skin issues.

In winter, however, our skin is not as exposed to the sun. The tan we may have gotten during the summer has already faded, which means that it is easier for your dermatologist to discover most minor changes and suspicious lesions. Since we tend to “bundle up,” in the winter, wearing multiple layers of clothing, it may be less likely to notice abnormal changes in your own skin.  You don’t have to look to far to find a superb Dermatologist in your area at to set up an appointment and get a check up on your skin.

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