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Washing your face is something that we all do. It is part of our daily skincare regimen, the first thing we do in the morning and the last thing we do before we go to bed. However, the simple task of removing impurities from the skin on our face is not as easy as it sounds – here are some of the most common facial cleansing mistakes:

  • Not using the right product – a good facial cleansing product, whether a lotion, a foam, or other, removes dirt, pollution and dead skin cells. The right product will do it efficiently but gently, without removing the skin’s natural oils and without drying it. Many people tend to ignore the feelings of stretching and the redness they see after washing their face, but these are clear signs that the facial cleansing product used is not suitable for your skin;
  • Not using water of the right temperature – water that is too cold or too hot can dry the skin, so always use lukewarm water.
  • Rubbing the face too hard with the towel – any rubbing movement stretches the skin and decreases its elasticity. So to protect your skin, you should never rub your face with a Use gentle tapping movements, even if a vigorous rub might feel good.  If you are in need of an acne treatment near me provider it’s best to consider professional treatment provided by a local dermatologist.
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