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acne treatment dermatologist

Acne is more than just some red bumps on the face, back, or torso – it is a complex medical condition that requires a complex approach through treatment by a specialized medical professional. Here are the benefits of turning to a acne dermatologist Parker CO specialist:

  • Professional in-office treatment – there are many in-office procedures, such as light or laser treatments that can be very efficient;
  • Professional products to use at home – your acne dermatologist will prescribe or recommend products to use at home on your acne, such as special facial cleansers, creams, or antibiotics;
  • Nutritional advice – your diet has a significant impact on the condition of your skin. Your dermatologist can help you put together a diet that minimizes the risk of breakouts, and that facilitates the elimination of the inflammation and irritation that causes acne bumps. If your dermatologist does not provide specialized diet advice, they will know a dietitian that you can turn to
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