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Dermatology Skin Cancer Check Importance MOHS

Skin cancer is among the most common forms of cancer, so common that almost one in six Americans will develop some form of it during their life. Fortunately, skin cancer is among the most treatable cancer forms, especially when it is detected early. Here is why the early detection of skin cancer is so important:

  • Easier and faster healing – as with any malignant disease, the earlier skin cancer is detected and treated, the better. Left untreated, they may become large, painful or disfiguring. Skin cancers that are caught early are usually easy to remove. In many cases, surgical intervention is the only procedure required for treatment.
  • Lower risk of metastasis – the earlier a cancerous lesion is identified on the skin and the earlier the treatment starts, the lower the risk that the cancer travels to other parts of the body. Treatment is usually possible in more advanced cases, but it is usually more difficult, and the side effects of the treatment might be more severe.
  • Prevention – regular visits to a skin cancer treatment near me dermatologist are essential for detecting skin changes that can potentially become malignant
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