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Dermatologist Services Skin Care Annual Check Up Diagnosis Treatments

Dermatologist Services Skin Care Annual Check Up Diagnosis Treatments

When should you go to a dermatologist and what services should you expect?

✓  ANNUAL CHECK: Patients can make an appointment with a dermatology clinic for an ANNUAL ROUTINE CHECK to assess the health of the skin.

✓  DIAGNOSIS: Most patients make an appointment for a DERMATOLOGICAL CONSULTATION when they notice spots, moles, abnormal growths, or other problems that require medical attention.

✓  TREATMENT: Following a diagnosis, patients consult a dermatologist to receive treatment and monitor their condition and the response to the treatment.

When you visit a dermatologist near me clinic for a consultation, you can expect it to include:

  • Preliminary discussions – The dermatologist asks for details about your symptoms, medical history, and previous investigations
  • Clinical examination – The dermatologist examines lesions on the skin, hair and nails
  • Diagnostic
  • Recommendation for additional investigations (laboratory tests, dermatoscopy, etc.)
  • Treatment recommendation
  • Special recommendations for skincare

Types of dermatology services available at dermatology clinics:

✓  MEDICAL DERMATOLOGY – deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of skin, hair and nail  conditions

✓  SURGICAL DERMATOLOGY – removes lesions, cysts, skin cancers and other common skin issues surgically in an outpatient setting

✓  COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY – branch of dermatology that deals with minimally invasive cosmetic procedures such as injections, light therapy and laser treatments

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