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Melanoma and skin cancer ribbon black color surgeons treat


Cancer awareness campaigns are a key way to help with disease prevention and serve as a reminder to patients to keep up with exams from skin cancer surgeons in Parker, CO. These campaigns help educate the public about the symptoms and signs that should not be neglected and communicate the importance of regular screening. To increase the campaigns’ efficiency, each month of the year is dedicated to a particular type of cancer. The most common types of cancer are associated with a specific color worn in the form of a tiny ribbon. These ribbons serve as a reminder for those we’ve lost to cancer and remind others to take ownership of their health.

One of the most common forms of cancer worldwide is melanoma, a type of skin cancer that develops when skin cells that give our skin pigment begin multiplying uncontrollably. One of the most common and most preventable causes of melanoma is sunburn – the skin damage caused by prolonged exposure to intense solar radiation – which might be why the ribbon color associated with melanoma is black. May is the month in which melanoma is in the center of cancer awareness campaigns – the beautiful months at the end of spring, that also marks the beginning of summer, when we all want to go outside to get tanned and when sunshine starts being strong.


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