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Age spots are yellow, brown or grey discolorations on the skin that usually appear in areas that are frequently exposed to the sun, such as the face, the lower arms and the hands. Fortunately, modern dermatology has many treatment options that can improve the appearance of age spots or even make them disappear completely. Here are some of the treatments used by a dermatologist Centennial CO:

  • Light therapy – Broad band intense pulsed light (IPL) is an effective treatment for evening your complexion. Expect mild pain and little to no downtime. Your spots may get darker and crust off as they heal, revealing fresh skin underneath;
  • Laser treatment – Lasers can also be used for the treatment of age spots. The results are quite quick, visible after just one or two treatments, but the healing process can be more involved than light therapy;
  • Cryotherapy – this procedure involves injuring the age spots by freezing. When the treated area heals, the skin will be much lighter and smoother;
  • Chemical peels – this procedure involves applying an acid solution to help the dead skin to slough off. The downtime can be up to 7 days and multiple treatments are usually needed
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