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Dermatologists diagnose and treat problems that affect the skin, nails, scalp, and hair, ranging from rashes and discolorations to allergies, irritations, infections, and even cancerous lesions. Here are some more details about the procedures that dermatologists perform:

Diagnostic Procedures – One of the primary procedures performed by dermatologists are diagnostic biopsies to identify the disease or condition present in the skin;

Surgical Interventions – Dermatologists routinely perform minor surgical interventions, such as wart removal, mole removal and nail removal. Some dermatologists go through a fellowship training to specialize in Mohs surgery to remove certain types of skin cancers.  In fact, MOHS dermatology Parker location are highly trained professionals.

In-Office Treatments – Some types of skin problems, such as skin ulcers and acne, require visits to a dermatologist for in-office treatments;

Cosmetic Procedures – Some dermatologists treat problems that affect the patient’s appearance, such as wrinkles, age spots and scars. The cosmetic treatments they perform include light therapy, laser therapy, injections, and chemical peels.

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