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Skin cancer is a nasty disease – in many cases, cancerous lesions are small and cause no symptoms. The key to efficiently treating skin cancer is early detection and the quick initiation of treatment. The safest way to ensure the health of your skin is to get your skin checked regularly by a board-certified Dermatologist. It’s best to look for a skin cancer treatment near me dermatologist to add ease of check-ups.  Here are some things to know about the ideal frequency of skin cancer checks:

  • Get checked at least once a year – annual checks are ideal for people who have normal skin that is not sensitive, but people who suffer from skin allergies, eczema, and have sensitive or very fair skin should have their skin checked every six months. More frequent skin checks will be necessary after a skin cancer diagnosis;
  • The importance of self-checks – schedule a skin check when you notice that a mole has changed its size, shape, or color. Any change warrants a check by a medical specialist.
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