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MOHS Surgery Centennial Skin Cancer Treatments


Currently, 1 in 25 men and 1 in 38 women develop skin cancer by age 75. Skin cancer has become the most common type of cancer. However, the chances of patients surviving are high if the disease is detected early and the treatment chosen is appropriate to the patient’s needs.

Classic methods of treating skin cancer include excision and checking the margins of the tumor by histopathological examination.

However, Mohs Surgery Centennial area is considered the most effective in treating skin cancers because it completely removes the tumor while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue. With the Mohs technique, treating basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas in areas where healthy tissue needs to be saved is no longer so difficult.

The Mohs technique removes the skin affected by cancer until only healthy tissue remains. This technique differs from other methods of curing skin cancer by observing the tissue through a microscope during the surgery due to a special technology, which allows careful monitoring of the eradication of the affected tissue. The histological analysis is performed step by step during the operation, using a microscope and ice processing equipment. The doctor may then resort to an aesthetic closure of the defect.

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