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Why Winter Weather Dermatologist Checks Go Hand In Hand

We know about the importance of regular visits to the dermatologist and how there is no wrong time for making the appointment. It’s simple to locate a dermatologist near me Castle Rock offers, so hurry in.  Indeed, a dermatologist appointment is a good idea any time of the year, but doing it in winter has some great benefits.  Here are some:

  • An excellent opportunity to find individualized advice – your skin needs special care and treatment during the winter. The winter months come with low temperatures outside that stress the skin and dry air outside and in our heated homes. A winter visit to your dermatologist might be just the best opportunity to find help to address the particular challenges of winter.
  • Less suntan – our skin is usually less tanned in winter, making it easier for your dermatologist to detect spots and other skin problems that your suntan may hide during the summer.
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