Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a solution that is applied in the office and rejuvenates your skin. Melasma, some types of acne, other pigmentation problems, and aging skin can be successfully treated or managed with chemical peels. The solution causes the top layers of the epidermis to shed, and some peels penetrate the dermis (live skin). After a short healing time (1-7 days depending on the type of chemical peel), the skin that grows back is refreshed and glowing.

We offer light, medium and deep chemical peels and will recommend the best treatment for your desired results. You may need several treatments to achieve your desired result. The best time to do a series of chemical peels is when you will be able to stay out of the sun for several days following your treatment, which is usually in the Fall, Winter and Spring. Peels can be done in the Summer but you will have to be vigilant about sun protection.