Emsculpt NEO in Parker, CO

A Leaner, Stronger You


What it Treats









Male or Female

Up to 35 BMI

Procedure Time

A series of 30-minute treatment sessions

Required Downtime


Reduce Fat, Build Muscle

EmSculpt NEO

Our patients at Elevated Dermatology often have aesthetic concerns beyond having beautiful skin. Because of the quick and simple procedure and highly effective outcomes, noninvasive body sculpting and fat reduction treatments are becoming increasingly popular as a service option.

The hard work you put into the gym should pay off, but sometimes it is challenging to see results in a specific area for fat loss and muscle tone. Many people’s fitness objectives include the abdomen, buttocks, and other body regions. The key to attaining such specific goals? Introducing Emsculpt NEO®.

How It Works

Emsculpt NEO in Parker, CO, is a cutting-edge fat-loss and muscle-building treatment. It causes muscle spasms and starts lipolysis by combining radiofrequency thermal energy with high-intensity electromagnetic therapy. This promotes the destruction of fat cells while working the muscle tissue at an astonishing rate equivalent to 20,000 contractions. Emsculpt NEO has received FDA clearance to treat the buttocks, abdomen, arms, calves, and thighs, among other body parts.

Our Results

Exercise may not always leave you with the slim, toned appearance you’re looking for. Check out our before and after pages and see how the Emsculpt NEO can help you build muscle and eliminate fat for your beach-ready body.


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Melissa Shafi

Aesthetician and Makeup Artist

  • Education
  • Melissa completed her Aesthetics training at Academy of Cosmetology Arts and became a licensed aesthetician in 2022.
  • Accolades
  • She has been in the beauty industry for 16 years. She loves to help people look and feel their best, whether it is through a customized Hydrafacial or a personalized makeup lesson. She is passionate about helping her patients learn how to be their own makeup artist by showing them ways to use their products properly. She is certified in all advanced treatments.
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