How Do Dermatologists Treat Sunburns?

In most cases, sunburns do not need treatment by a dermatologist – even severe sunburn will start healing in a few days. The redness and the swelling will fade and the pain will gradually wear off, too. However, if you are concerned about a severe sunburn, you can turn to a dermatologist at Elevated Dermatology a wonderful dermatology clinic Parker CO offers for professional advice. Here are dermatologists’ recommendations for sunburn:

  • Cool the skin in the shower – take a lukewarm shower until you feel that your skin has become comfortably cool;
  • Apply a good moisturizer – the reason why burned skin feels so tight is that the sun removes its moisture content.
  • Hydrate your skin from the inside – sunburns dehydrate your entire body, prompting it to take water from wherever it can, the skin included. Rehydrate your body consuming plenty of water;
  • Be gentle to your skin and nourish it more carefully for a couple of days – apply more moisturizer on your skin than you normally do for a couple of days
  • Avoid any rubbing, picking, peeling and scrubbing until your skin is fully healed