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Treating Fungus

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Treatment for fungus infections can be very challenging. Onychomycosis, or toenail fungus, is exceedingly prevalent and is thought to afflict 14% of Americans. We can assist with expert treatment choices, including laser removal and medication!

Even though it’s not life-threatening, it’s important to treat nail fungus since it can spread to other nails and even other parts of the body. If left untreated, this may result in self-consciousness in many situations and health problems.

Nail fungus is unpleasant and can cause pain or discomfort, and home cures are not guaranteed to work. At Elevated Dermatology in Parker, Colorado, we offer laser nail fungus therapy to remove the condition from your nails permanently.



The most prevalent kind of nail fungus is the dermatophyte (ringworm) type. Bacteria, mold and yeast can also cause nail infections. Black or green staining usually indicates a bacterial infection.

Contact with Fungi

The floor tile in a gym shower or the environment inside dark, sweaty, moist shoes can allow fungus to thrive which can lead to infections.

Other Fungi Spreading

Fungal infection of the nails can spread to the feet, and fungal infections of the feet (athlete's foot) can spread to the nails. It's important to treat the infection before it has a chance to spread.


Toenail fungus doesn’t always need to be treated. Sometimes, over-the-counter medications can eliminate the infection. The type of fungus causing your problem and  how severe it is will determine how you should be treated. Seeing benefits can take several months.

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