PRP Injections in Parker, CO

Stimulate Collagen Production Without Surgery


What it Treats

Dark undereye circles



Male or Female

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Required Downtime

There are no long recovery processes following a PRP treatment. You can return to normal activities, though you should avoid using cosmetics for a few days. You don’t want to irritate newly treated skin.

Repair Damaged Skin

PRP Injections

Celebrities and beauty influencers have made platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections a hot new beauty trend. Some have dubbed PRP injections a “fountain of youth” due to their ability to rejuvenate the skin. And while we certainly can’t claim that there’s any magic involved with this skin treatment, the results may feel like magic. After completing PRP treatments, many of our patients are surprised at just how young the treatment makes them look.

PRP injections are used primarily to treat aging-related issues around the eye area and are almost painless. We don’t ever want patients to suffer through extended discomfort or irritation, so we like that this treatment is simple and convenient. PRP injections in Parker, CO, are noninvasive, safe, and give our patients amazing results in the form of younger-looking skin!

How It Works

We take plasma from your blood to do PRP injections in Parker, CO. After purifying the plasma, we carefully inject it beneath your skin. With the help of these injections, your body is given an extra push to restore your skin from the inside out, giving you skin that looks visibly younger.

PRP is right for anyone who wishes to minimize signs of aging, dark circles or shadows in the under-eye area. Many people think that their skin conditions are an unavoidable part of life. But thanks to modern aesthetic technology, you don’t have to settle for an appearance you’re not completely happy with.

Redness and occasional bruising is expected and will only last a few days at the most.

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