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Rashes of various kinds can affect the skin and result in issues with comfort and self-esteem. Our Dermatologists provide a wide variety of rash treatments in Parker, CO.

Treatment and diagnosis of rashes and underlying disorders that may be causing rashes to emerge are one of our specialties at Elevation Dermatology Skin Cancer Surgery Center.


Types of Rashes

There are many types of rashes that children and adults can develop. Some are very common and others are considered rare. Some rashes are lifelong problems and some rashes only appear during certain times and never return.

Which kinds of rashes are most common?

Common skin rashes include seborrheic dermatitis, cellulitis, psoriasis, eczema and diaper rash. These rashes may appear as rough, red patches of skin or psoriasis-like scaly red plaques. Other rashes may look like small pimples or redness that covers a small area of the skin.


The type of treatment a skin rash needs depends on its type, what’s causing it, and how severe it is.

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