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Annual Check-Up


Every year men and women discover unexpected skin problems or concerns. These may seem “out of the blue,” but the skin can often show signs and warnings well beforehand. While self-examination is important, we recommend an annual professional skin exam as part of a complete health strategy.

At Elevated Dermatology, a board-certified dermatologist can quickly assess you for any concerns that may be arising on the skin. Early detection is critical in treatment, so protect yourself with a skin exam in Parker, CO.

How It Works

A skin exam is similar to an annual physical, where a physician assesses your body for signs of concern or trouble. You can expect to change into a medical exam gown at your appointment for easier inspection. It is unlikely you will need to remove underwear unless you note a concern in any of those areas.

Your provider will check your skin, performing a thorough examination from head to toe. This includes hard-to-see areas like the back, scalp, toes, and buttocks. They may utilize a small microscope to get a deeper look at specific areas or perform a biopsy on suspicious moles or growths.

The Elevated Difference

Elevated Dermatology offers some of the most advanced treatment options, like skin exams in Parker, CO, and some of the fastest results with our in-facility capabilities.

In-House Pathology
Our dermatologists will examine your tissue in our office, speeding up the process.
On-Site Procedures
You won't be sent offsite to a doctor or facility you don't know. We'll perform your procedure right here.
Elevated Pharmacy
We can fulfill prescribed treatments in-house, save you a trip, and answer any questions.

Christopher Messana


  • Specialty
  • Cutaneous oncology, Mohs surgery, and skin cancer surgery
  • Education
  • Midwestern University, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Credentials
  • Member of the prestigious American College of Mohs Surgery.
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