Spider Vein Removal in Parker, CO

Spider Veins


What it Treats

Spider veins (Telangiectasia)




Male or Female

Procedure Time

10 – 20 minutes

Required Downtime

There is typically little need for downtime during recovery, though it can vary from person to person.

Visibly Different

Laser Vein Removal

At Elevated Dermatology, we’ve found spider veins are an extremely common condition that causes our patients to have confidence issues. These can make patients reluctant to dress how they would like or avoid exposing skin where veins are present. Luckily, we can perform spider vein removal in Parker, CO.

These easily treated conditions don’t need to affect you any longer. With laser vein removal you can get the results you want faster and get back to wearing what you like.

How It Works

Laser vein removal involves a handheld laser being used to transmit energy through the skin and heat up the blood inside of veins. As the red veins inside absorb the energy, they begin to coagulate causing the spider veins to shrink with them. After just a few treatments, you can experience the relief and confidence you’ve been waiting for.

After your spider vein removal in Parker, CO, you will probably be sore and may even have some bruising, but these side effects shouldn’t keep you from returning to your regular activities.

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Krista Davis

Licensed Esthetician and Certified Laser Technician

  • Education
  • Krista completed her undergraduate studies at Kansas State University, her aesthetics training at Eric Fisher Academy, and her national aesthetic laser certification from NCLC.
  • Accolades
  • She has been practicing in the aesthetic field for 16 years. She enjoys working with patients to create a treatment plan that compliments their lifestyle and skincare goals. She is certified in all advanced treatments and her favorite treatment to perform is BBL and Moxi because the combination treats brown spots so effectively.
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